Local events

Throughout the period of July and August it is full of events, ranging from the traditional village festivals where you can taste local products, to cultural and international events now.
Among these is undoubtedly the Taranta festival, conceived as a set of traveling concerts in the characteristic countries of Greece Salentina, where the captivating rhythms of pinches alternate patterns and cadences of the various South.
However spontaneous rounds, linked to popular music and open to participation by all, are often formed in the summer for concerts and events of any kind.
Numerous theater festivals, music and dance that are repeated regularly every year in Gallipoli and Otranto in incomparable scenery, and the festivities, a special opportunity for the exhibition of traditional craft products (wrought iron, stone and ceramics Lecce ).
For much we felt Alezio is the feast of the Assumption, which revolves around the Sanctuary of Lizza, August 15, aanche strong lure for the traditional horse fair.