Place and surroundings

Once Alezio was the main centre of an ancient italic civilisation, called Messapi; ruins have been found in the necropoli nearby.
 The village is also place of birth of Matteo Perez, painter and Michelangelo’s pupil. Here you can also admire the Lizza Sanctuary, outstanding example of Arab-Norman art.
 Palazzo Tafuri, jewel of the XVIII century, hosts a collection of grave  goods and documents relating to the necropolis which includes tombs dating back to VI-IV b.C. Finally at lunch you can enjoy our excellent food; wine and olive oil are locally produced.

Sport facilities
all water sports
an exclusive sailing school in Gallipoli
several horseback-riding grounds in the country or in the beach
Don’t forget to visit:
Gallipoli (5 Km), three harboures charmin fishing village
Lecce (35 Km), a jewel of baroque art known as “the Florence of the South”
Jonic coast beaches: from S.Caterina to porto Cesareo
Adriatic coast beaches: from Otranto, Castro to S.Maria di Leuca
Messapic archeological sites: Alezio, Parabita (6 km), Nardò (12 Km), Ugento (15 Km)
Nine “Grecìa Salentina” villages where still greak bizantine language is spoken.

Alezio, Gallipoli e dintorni